Searching Furnished Accomodation Preferably Close to UCPH-BRIC (Biotech Research & Innovation Centre) (Price Max 6000 DKK all inclusive) (CPR available)

My name is Guven, and I am 27 years old (m). I will be employed in UCPH-BRIC starting from February 1st 2020 for about 3 years and 3 months. I do not make any noise, no partying, no pets, no smoking. I enjoy weightlifting and yoga as well as some art related hobies whenever I have time in between experiments. I had a lot of house sharing experiences, and long in short I can confidently say that I am a genuinely great tenant who can adapt his behavior to make a mutual living possible.

I am looking for any type of accomodation, except shared room. My criteria are as such,
1) being close to BRIC
2) Price<6000 DKK (with all unitilities included) ( I may adjust the price if it is a studio or apartmant that you offer)
3) CPR should be available
4) Furnished (minimun a bed, a stove, decent fridge)
5) A decent shower area. Because I am not a small person, and I do not want to struggle every time 🙂

Best regards,