4 Room Apartment overlooking the Lakes

4-Room apartment at Peblinge Dossering, København N. for rent from April 1st until July 31st 2020. We are looking for a couple or a family who will take good care of our home for 4 months.

The apartment consists of a large living room with dining area, a newly renovated kitchen and bathroom, a children’s room, a bedroom and an office. Access to a common green courtyard. Common laundrette.

The apartment is decorated in bohemian style with painted wooden floors and nostalgic furniture. The building dates back to 1865, and you will see the historical touch in the slanting wooden floors and door frames. The apartment is fully furnished but all private stuff (carpets, paintings, books) have been removed.
10.300 kr. all inclusive. Legally binding contract.
Please sent your application to majagroth@gmail.com